Tourist services

Tourist services:


Sudan possesses the components of a huge tourism project at the global level from the fact that it embraces the world›s longest rivers (the Nile) and accordingly, the company has tended to build a distinctive and attractive tourism project on the banks of the Blue Nile, one of the main tributaries of the Great Nile, where the company established the (Landmark Tourist Resort on the shore of the Nile, on an area of ​​(3000 square meters) at a distance of (2) kilometers from the center of Khartoum opposite the ancient University of Khartoum on Nile Street in Khartoum, where the resort contains all the elements of tourism from quiet family and heritage sittings directly overlooking the Blue Nile and a balcony to watch the Nile games at the foot of the river, in addition to enjoying the vast green spaces, children›s games and a specialized club for public and private events, as well as a small meeting and events hall prepared for all events, and a café for hot and cold drinks and snacks. The company also owns boats and river cruises in the resort for hiking and practicing Nile sports. It is also worth mentioning that the resort provides opportunities to hold cultural activities and artistic nights as part of its endeavor to enrich the Sudanese conscience with the creativity of its children.