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Land Mark company for multi activities

(Landmark Company for Multi- Activities) is a Sudanese company with a private shareholding, established in 2004 ,with a future vision and clear goals to keep pace with the era of global modernity in the fields of trade, investment and public services, where the company works according to an integrated program that accompanies all global variables in the areas of finance and business by making use of natural resources and using them in various economic fields within the state’s overall policy in support of the balance of trade and local communities within the scope of the company›s work across its various departments.

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Company Social Responsibility

The company›s social responsibility comes at the top of the board of directors› interest as a main and binding service for the company towards the community it serves and its support, as this is evidenced by the company›s implementation and support for many social development programs and events that fall within its various fields, which focus on service, sports, health and educational activities directly through the company. Also, other projects are being implemented with the Dosa Charitable Foundation, as well as creating new job opportunities by expanding its projects and choosing advanced technology that preserves the environment from pollution, the company also adopts policies that contribute to protecting the environment and natural resources and improving the quality of living conditions for the workforce, their clients and the local community.

Signed Contracts and Partnerships:

During its impressive career, Landmark signed a number of work contracts with legal and other private entities, including a mining waste contract with the Ministry of Minerals – a contract for transporting foodstuffs  of the World Food Program (WFB) , a drilling contract with the Qatar Red Crescent , a dam contract with the Ministry of Electricity and Dams, waiver  contract of a mining waste license from the company (B Zet), and the company has also signed a number of partnership contracts with a number of companies, including Egyptian International Marble, Dussa for multi- activities, Ranan for Mining and (BN  for Mining). The company also has assessed shares in both Gulf Bank and Strategic Commodities Portfolio.

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