Trade and Industry

Trade and Industry:

Sudan represents a meeting point for regional and global trade routes, especially after the increase in investment demand in the country following the political transformations that the important pivotal African country has witnessed, and based on these data and economic indicators, the company sponsors a number of commercial and industrial projects that target the demands of the local market, especially in the areas of infrastructure, building and construction, where the company owns an agency from the Egyptian International Company for Marble and Granite, and  its own factory for cutting marble and granite, and an exhibition of ready-made products in the suburb of Jabra in Khartoum behind the Armored Corps in Shajrra, where the factory and exhibition provide all the products of the Egyptian international Company for Marble and Granite to the local market, as there is a tendency to supply an integrated factory that its products targets expanding in local production and exporting to neighboring countries. The company also owns an agency from the Chinese Air Pumps Company.