Project Executed:

Drill in Darfur – A building in Ibrahim Shams Eldin Street – mining of gold – transportation of more than 1000 tons of nutritional goods.

Signed contracts:

  • Waste of mining with the ministry
  • Transportation of nutritional goods to WFB

Electricy and Dams:

Contract with BZ company

Mechanism and tools

Administrative cars- drills- lories, graders, well drills


We have a Project with area of 6000 fidan in northern state Eldaba.


We have license for transportation of minerals waste with different machines.

Export- İmport:

We export meat and agricultural crops and we important Ceramic, granite, and different tools.


We provide different services


We have tourist boats in Blue Nile and we prepare for 5 tourist companies on the Nile.

We have tourist land marks on Blue Nile.

Works of the Company:


  • Drills in Darfur
  • Building in Ibrahim Shams Eldin Street
  • Gold mains
  • Transportation of 1000 tons nutritional goods.


  • Contract with ministry of mineral
  • Contract with WFB
  • Contract with Sudanese Red Crescent
  • Contract with ministry of Electricity


Drills, cars, lorries, grads, …etc.