The company has a Project with 6000 fedans in northern province in Dabba localty about 330 km North Khartoum, lies before Saudi Rajhi and Emirates Amtar, miner invitation, the area is kown as Nubian Basin.


The company has a contract with WFB it is an open are for transport nutritional and non nutritional materials inside and outside Sudan. The company has machines and trading tracks.


We have a lenience for minerals out materials in Rivel Nile State. Berber and also a lenience for a small square in northern state and invensment programme with national minerals to afford goods for traditional mineral work, such as hammers, diggers and transpiration cars.


We have agency from international Egyptian company for Granite and Ceramics, and an exhibition hall in Ibrahim Shams Eldin Street, beside Army trades in Alshijara were is the exhibition of the Egyptian company for Ceramic and Granite, and we have also agency for the Chinese company fora ir coolers.